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Marriage counseling, also known as couples therapy, is a type of psychotherapy that can help partners in intimate relationships regardless of sexual orientation or marital status. Counselors can help partners recognize and resolve conflicts to improve their overall relationship. Couples can receive marriage counseling for many reasons, from communication issues to disputes about raising children.

Marriage counseling can help you and your partner make thoughtful decisions about the state of your relationship. Marriage counseling is available at Bloom Psych Services in Milford and the surrounding area. Call us at (475) 338-0469 to schedule an appointment to work with one of our counselors.

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Marriage Counseling Explained

Marriage counseling focuses specifically on marriage and relationships. The counselors who work in this area receive training to help couples recognize their issues and provide them the tools needed to achieve solutions. In addition, these sessions are a place for partners to work on their issues and relationship concerns.

Some couples seek out a counselor to address specific issues, while others want to gain a deeper understanding of their partner with the hopes of strengthening the relationship. Achieving a deeper understanding of each other can also be beneficial for couples who plan to get married. The goal of marriage counseling is for people to understand themselves, their partner, and their relationship better.

“The goal of marriage counseling is for people to understand themselves, their partner, and their relationship better.”

The Benefits of Marriage Counseling

Although it is called marriage counseling, people do not have to be married or on the brink of splitting up to seek help from a counselor. Marriage counseling can help couples of all ages, races, and sexual orientations. Regardless of the length of the partnership, couples can benefit from the healthy, safe, and open environment of marriage counseling.

People may consider marriage counseling for any number of reasons; all relationships have their challenges. Receiving advice from a trained, objective, and unbiased perspective can help partners understand each other better. The benefits of marriage counseling include learning new skills to help strengthen the relationship. That can involve problem-solving, open communication, and ways to talk about differences without getting angry. Together, couples will learn how to identify problems and work together to figure out solutions.

“Marriage counseling can help couples of all ages, races, and sexual orientations”

The First Consultation

After deciding to pursue marriage counseling and scheduling an appointment, it is time to prepare for the first consultation. It is normal to be anxious before sitting down with a counselor for the first time. Patients will typically need to fill out some paperwork before going in for the first marriage counseling session. This session is an opportunity to learn more about the counselor’s background and training to ensure they will be a good fit. It is helpful to ask the counselor about their experience working with couples in similar circumstances and their treatment approach to determine.

While discussions may focus on the couple receiving counseling, the counselor may also ask questions about their family history to learn more about the two partners. Although it will not be easy, patients can expect to discuss their relationship history and the problems they want to address. Be open and honest throughout the session, as this helps set the goals for the relationship. Set goals will help couples experience more positive interactions and connectedness.

“The first session is an opportunity to learn more about the counselor’s background and training to ensure they will be a good fit.”

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Building a Customized Treatment Plan

The marriage counseling experience and treatment plan vary for each couple. Some people only need a few sessions, while others benefit from months of counseling. Counseling sessions typically take place weekly and last around 60 minutes. The counselor will work with a couple to design a plan customized to the needs of their relationship.

For example, treatment plans may include homework assignments that will help partners practice the skills they learned during their sessions. Sometimes, issues outside the relationship require additional care. For example, if substance abuse, substance abuse, or other concerns are present, the counselor may involve other health care providers for a comprehensive treatment plan. By addressing all the issues in the relationship, couples can create a healthier foundation for the future.

“The marriage counseling experience and treatment plan vary for each couple.”

Building a Healthier Lifestyle

Marriage counseling provides a set time and space each week for partners to express their thoughts and feelings. By working through problems together, couples can reconnect, establish healthier ways to deal with issues in the future, and rectify any resentment or anger still affecting the relationship. The counselor can help couples develop a more proactive and healthy approach to dealing with conflict, so they can resolve any issues before things spiral out of control.

Couples that listen and learn from their counseling sessions can achieve long-term benefits. That can include incorporating active listening into the relationship, planning date nights into the relationship, planning date nights, and enjoying the benefits of increased intimacy and strengthened bonds. Marriage counseling can also help people learn about themselves and their motivations. How people relate to their partner may also shed light on how they interact with other people, such as friends and co-workers. Thus, these counseling sessions can improve not only intimate relationships but also relationships with others.

“Couples that listen and learn from their counselor will be able to achieve long-term benefits”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My partner and I have no problems. Should we still try marriage counseling?

A. Marriage counseling offers a way to improve a relationship, even if a couple is not experiencing significant conflict. For example, a counselor can help couples going through a significant life change like the birth of a child work through any questions or concerns. Counseling can help couples make a good relationship even better.

Q. How will we know when to end marriage counseling?

A. A couple can choose to end counseling at any time. However, couples should continue treatment until they have addressed all their major issues and sessions feel more like socializing than counseling. Our counselor will let patients know how their treatment is progressing. Additionally, patients can always return to counseling if needed.

Q. What happens during the first counseling session?

A. A couple’s first session will provide a chance to get to know the counselor. Then, they will set session goals and talk about why they got there in the first place. Each additional session will help the couple work toward achieving those goals.

Q. How long will we need to go to counseling?

A. Each relationship is different, and needs will vary. Some couples will achieve the results they want in just a few sessions, while others will see a counselor for months. The couple and counselor will work together to identify a timeline.

Q. What if I am afraid that marriage counseling will make our situation worse?

A. Since discussing relationship issues can be painful, sometimes people believe that counseling will make their relationship worse. In reality, counseling allows couples to address their problems in a thoughtful and neutral setting. A marriage counselor has the insight and wisdom to help couples understand each other and communicate effectively.

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Active listening
Active listening is a pattern of listening that keeps people engaged and leaves them feeling heard and valued.
Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
Emotionally Focused Therapy is a therapeutic intervention aimed at adult couples to help each better understand their own emotions and those of their partner in order to resolve relationship distress and deepen their connection.
Imago Relationship Therapy
Imago Relationship Therapy is an approach to couples therapy that works with how one’s childhood experiences inform how a person conducts themself in romantic relationships.
Infidelity counseling
Infidelity counseling is couples therapy that can help address the needs of both partners to save their relationship or pursue a civil breakup.
Licensed marriage and family therapist
A licensed marriage and family therapist is a trained psychological professional dedicated to helping couples and families manage or overcome problems in their relationships.
Marriage counseling
Marriage counseling is psychotherapy that helps couples recognize and resolve various conflicts and improve their relationship.
Marriage counselor
A marriage counselor is a professional who helps couples, married or not, who are experiencing issues that need resolving.
The practice of being only sexually intimate with one partner at a time.
Narrative therapy
Narrative therapy helps people become intimately familiar with their own lives in a way that empowers them to make positive changes from this new self aware perspective. This therapy helps the patient find a more helpful and healthy way to see the world and themselves.
Substance abuse
Substance abuse is when a person uses alcohol, prescription medicine, and other legal or illegal substances too much or wrongly.

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Whether dealing with major or minor relationship challenges, marriage counseling can help couples resolve issues and improve their relationship. Our team at Bloom Psych Services is here to help you and your partner communicate openly and healthily. To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, call us today at 475-338-0469.

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