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Couples therapy helps couples in any form of relationship overcome their difficulties, improve their communication, and grow together. Hitting a rough spot in your relationship does not mean the relationship is over. Relationships do not just work magically on love alone. They take skill and a willingness for both parties to open up and work together.

Couples therapy is available from Bloom Psych Services in Milford, and the surrounding area. Couples therapy gives partners the opportunity to work through hard times, as well as a chance to grow closer and enjoy a deeper and more meaningful connection. Let us help bring you both closer together. Call (475) 338-0469 to learn more or to make an appointment.

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What is Couples Therapy

Couples therapy or counseling is a type of talk or psychotherapy that helps couples in intimate relationships overcome obstacles, resolve conflict and strengthen their relationship. Both partners are present at each session guided by a licensed clinician. Couples therapy is a process in which the clinician gets to know the couple and identify the source of the strife in their relationship.

The therapist then tries to get each person to understand the other’s point of view. With that understanding established, the therapist and couple will implement a plan to improve the relationship and continue sessions to guide the couple toward a positive outcome. There are many difficult issues a therapist can help a couple overcome. Some of the most common include losing a loved one, facing a life-changing event, overcoming infidelity, a lack of intimacy, moving to a new place, or serious health issues.

“Both partners are present at each session guided by a licensed clinician.”

Benefits of Seeking Couples Therapy

Couples of any sexual orientation and marital status can benefit from couples counseling to work through their issues. The therapist is typically a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) or another licensed clinician. They act as a neutral third party, offering an unbiased opinion after reviewing the dynamics of the relationship.

The therapist is knowledgeable in the dynamics of intimate relationships, human psychology, and proven therapeutic techniques and interventions. They combine this knowledge with an in-depth understanding of a couple’s unique situation to help them craft and execute a plan to overcome their difficulties and strengthen their relationship. According to an article published in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, research on couples therapy in the first decade of the 21st-century shows couples therapy positively impacts 70% of couples who receive it.

“The therapist sees the dynamic of the relationship and offers a fresh perspective.”

The First Appointment

The first step to receiving couples therapy is finding the right counselor. Both partners should discuss what is important to them in a therapist. Getting recommendations from a primary care physician, social worker or friends, or family members is a good place to start. Couples should verify the credentials of the therapists they are considering. It may take going to a few therapists before finding the one that best suits their needs.

A couple should go into the first session knowing that this process takes time, benefiting from being open, patient, and willing to work together. The first appointment usually lasts about an hour and will focus on the rapport between the couple and the therapist. The parties will get a feel for each other to determine if it is a good fit. The success of therapy relies heavily on the quality of the relationship between the therapist and the client. The therapist will get an overview of the couple’s history, stressors, and significant factors in their lives, and what the couple hopes to accomplish with therapy.

“A couple should go into the first session knowing that it is a process that takes time and that they will need to be open, patient, and willing to work together”

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The Focus of Couples Therapy

The focus of couples therapy varies for each couple. Essentially it is to determine where the partners want the relationship to go and how to get there. Partners can come together to work on a single problem or multiple problems affecting the relationship. Poor communication, addiction, sexual issues, and infidelity are some of the issues that couples can work through in therapy. Therapists use various proven approaches to help couples reach their goals, including the three most common: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Imago Relationship Therapy, and the Gottman Method.

Usually, the focus is to repair the relationship, but can also be determining if a couple wants to stay together. If both partners wish to continue the relationship, the therapist will help them develop a plan and take the right steps to reach their relationship goals. If they decide it is best to end the relationship, the therapist can help the couple part in a healthy way.

“Usually, the focus is to repair the relationship, but the focus can also be to determine if a couple wants to stay together.”

Couples Therapy and Everyday Life

While a therapist acts as a guide and can offer valuable insight into a relationship, it is ultimately up to both partners to put in the work and improve their relationship. This work often involves a commitment to put egos aside and try to see things from the other’s perspective. Bettering a relationship involves behavior changes for both partners, which will require daily effort.

Therapists may give couples exercises to carry out in a session or at home. Some of the work will be individual and some as a couple. The therapist will advise each partner on healthy coping mechanisms and ways to change old patterns and maladaptive behaviors harming the relationship. These can include trying to understand the partner’s mindset instead of focusing first on one’s own perspective. One important exercise to put into practice is deciding not to act rashly or out of sudden anger. Take the time to react from a calm place and not just one’s first impulse or frustration.

“Bettering a relationship involves behavior changes for both partners, and changing behavior is a daily effort.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does couples therapy take?

A. The time therapy takes varies for each couple. It all depends on the issues present in the relationship. Some couples only need a few sessions to accomplish their goals, while others require several months. Both partners have to be willing to commit to working together for however much time it takes.

Q. How does a couple know they need couples therapy?

A. Common signs a couple needs therapy include a feeling of drifting apart or being stuck, repeating the same argument and never resolving it, and difficulty working through a tough decision. Some experts advise couples to seek a counselor before things get to a crisis level. People who feel that there is a problem that can potentially end their relationship should seek counseling.

Q. Can healthy couples benefit from therapy?

A. Couples therapy is not only for solving problems. It can also aid in deepening connections. Many couples choose to go to strengthen their communication, sexual intimacy or learn other ways of making their relationship stronger.

Q. Does insurance cover couples therapy?

A. Every insurance plan is different. Many insurance plans do not cover couples counseling. People should check with their insurance provider to determine what their plan offers.

Q. What if my partner is unwilling to attend counseling with me?

A. First, try and communicate with your partner in a non-confrontational way to discover why they object to couples therapy. Be kind and do not lay blame. Try to figure out what is behind their objections and see if there is a situation in which they would be willing to go to therapy. Be willing to make compromises on what you want. It can be difficult to mend a relationship without both parties on board.

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